Tara Slaughter is the owner of Simplicity Concierge Service she’s an Independent Account Resolution Specialist Specializing in Workers-comp and Durable Medical Equipment and Medical/Collections claims. She has been successful in helping medical providers/personal client’s help resolve and reduce claim issues, setup providers to accept insurance such as Medicare/ PMSI/ MSC etc.

The enjoyment and passion of being a problem solver pushed her to start her own business, which has allowed her to be able to help many without any limits. In fact, by the time she was 22, she was negotiating with Defense Attorneys and Claims Adjusters before Workers-comp Judges/Personal Injury for reimbursement of claims.

The various caseloads consisting of 15-20 cases on average per week, at times negotiating 7-8 cases a day. Resolving 95% of her cases pleasing to the providers she represented. Tara experience over the last 27 years comes from employee/independent contractor with companies such as Shandin Hills BTC Behavior Therapy Center, D Gold Corp Don’s Drug Good Neighbor Pharmacy/DME, CFS Home Care co-owner, Stewart Investigative Services, Inc. Apria Health Care Oxygen/DME “Kaiser Permanente Liaison on behalf of Apria” SLAUGHTERH PPE LLC etc.

The various positions/promotions over the years allowed her to become a specialist in resolution the experience and knowledge consist of working with Social Service/Hospice/Palliative Care, ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT, HCPCs, CMS-1500, MCO, HMO, PPO, EPO, Capitated Accounts, Medicare/Tricare, Medical, EOB, RA, UB-04, CMN, RVU, TARs, DORs, MSC Conference, C&R, AOE/COE Investigation Employees Interviews, Sub-rosa, Redbook review. Working on special projects to reduce accounts over 120 days with debt ranging from 1000.00 plus, State of California audits with State staff working with hospital/medical group case managers, while also meeting with hospital directors/administrators monthly/quarterly for contract review/discussions.

Tara’s education consist of Bachelor Degree in Business Management, Workers Compensation Certification, AAPC Member "American Academy Professional Coders" Medical Billing CPB Certificate, CPR/AED Certified, Member of Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals "ACAP"

Professional Supervised Visitation Provider-Under California Rules of Court 5.20 Family Code 3200.5.

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